Many people these days are leading busy lives, having to eat on the go, move fast and get from to A to B with as little effort and stress as possible.

But what impact is this having on our lives; neglect of ourselves is a common issue. One area that is has seen in this level of neglect is dental hygiene care. As people are rushing for the door in the morning sacrifices may have to be made resulting in this stat increasing.

Dentists across the UK are seeing are marked increase in tooth erosion as more and more people are not giving enough care, or listening to dental advice. Retrospectively, trying to treat teeth once the damage has been done can lead to expensive procedures and may well be leading to people being less engaged with fulfilling expensive dental treatment.

However, this will not make the problem go away. Taking care of your teeth, from a young age, and getting to know your local dentist can all aid this problem.

The importance of oral hygiene is tantamount to good health, just ask any dentist. Regularly cleaning your teeth will go some way in keeping them in good order. But, for ultimate dental care you should visit your dentist at least twice a year and ensure you listen to advice from your dentist. If you don’t already have a dentist then get in touch with your local one today and make an appointment.

This article was put together by the Austen Road Dental Practice, based in Guildford Austen Road treat children and adult teeth. They also offer a range of other dental treatments in their state of the art dental practise.

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